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December 31 is a Great Day to take screen shots of your years billing activity

Mayor / Maire

So I made up a post with details on where to find your activity and how to get 1 years worth rather than 6 months maximum. I included some sample screen shots and posted it here. It flew off to the unmoderated, never to be seen again file. I tried reposting, removing the pictures and reposting, copying just the text to a new post but No Go.


So at this level of frustration all I can do is mention what I did in the title along with these simple instructions:

Log in to self Serve, click the Payment tab then the Transaction History tab.

if you use the calendar inputs on the right side you can get up to one full year rather than just up to 6 months by using the drop down menu on the left side.


You can reorganize things into oldest on top rather than newest on top. I had to click around the pages to get all to load and in the correct order but I finally got what I wanted.




@AE_Collector  Yes how to get them out of there is another question. However if it's a long post or something that is being said continues being flagged as spam the trick for me is to take a screenshot and post that. Apparently the software can't read the picture versus a post.

Yeah it took me straight there right after I thought I had posted it but I couldn't figure out how to fix it. And copying just tge text to a brand new post resulted in a second copy of it in quarantine. I only barely had time to throw the first postvtogethervatvthat moment so certainly didn't have time to fight with it then.


In any event, January 1 is another good day to do the screen shots for all of 2019.







Mayor / Maire   @AE_Collector  Oh so I see you've become a victim of the nasty *poof* the magic dragon disappearing post bug.  Welcome to our makeshift infirmary of self imposed quarantine. Perhaps I should open the bummer tent to those of us condemned with this ailment. If you do miss your posts and would like to see them up there...fingers crossed I have made the link available to you.

Edit: Epic fail....see below for hard earned success.

Yes the definitely need to get to some sort of downloadable or emailable statements. Hopefully next year (a couple of hours from now).




In the early days I was interested in following my account around payment time.  Now, I have too many accounts and to have the time to micro manage.  I knew of this little trick long ago.  Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for the customer.  The ideal would be a downloadable monthly bill.  


Not a bad idea to c/p that info into an excel file. It sucks that we cannot get more than a few rows and have to click through pages. This is one area PM/Koodo prepaid really needs to improve the functionality of the self-serve. 

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Mayor / Maire

Going to try adding a couple of screen shots here rather than in the initial post.


Select the time frame here:


Here is what the reports look like:


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