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Data usage

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My data usage is really high compared to my previous account. I’ve never used more than 4gig per month my entire life. Now I am close to six gigs in 2 weeks?? I see allot of other complaints about this. I am not streaming or gaming or using gps. Just some basic google fb CBC news articles. 


Mayor / Maire

Hi @Pappaconnie ,


Have you had a chance to look in your SELF SERVE to see when this usage is taking place?

You can view your usage history. It is cumbersome to navigate but it may give you an idea.


Additional info.




The PM data tracker in your self service account is usually accurate.  Your phone tracker is  tracks monthly cycles, but PM cycles are every 30 days.  


There might have been some app/phone updates that might have used up more data than usual.  

Mayor / Maire

@Pappaconnie ,


I burned up some data recently, and was not sure turned out my WIFI was toggled off - GESH!





Check your phone settings and adjust accordingly.


Turn off Wifi + or Wi-Fi Assist which automatically connects back to data if wifi is weak or has issues.


Check developer options for "Mobile Data Always On"


Go through each app and adjust what ones can use data what ones can use wifi or both.


Turn off background data for apps.


Set updates and software updates to "Wi-Fi only"


If using Google maps. Download"offline maps" then set it to "wifi only". You still get all the turn by turn stuff just not real time traffic since it won't be using your data.


Adjusting your settings will help you 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I’m not ok with a might be. I see the usage and can’t really do the math on the apps usage. However this seems to be a common issue with many people. My wife’s new plan also the same. 75% data use in a few days. She uses normally very little. Nothing running in background no gaming no major updates or installs. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I don’t see why I should adjust setting for my phone to get a different data usage than a previous plan on another network. 

HI @Pappaconnie ,


Are you looking at your Public Mobile SELF SERVE accounts, that looks something like this:

Showing remaining of total:


OR are these your devices telling you about the %75 usage.


You can contact the PM Moderators if you really feel something is amiss, but I am thinking there must be an explaination.

To contact the Public Mobile Moderator_Team, there are two ways to reach them:

1 -  Click the bubble comment circle on the bottom right hand side of your screen, or use this link to: Get Help With SIMon the Public Mobile chatbot


2 - Use this link to:

Private Message to Public Mobile Moderators (PM Customer Service Representatives)

@Pappaconnie wrote:

I don’t see why I should adjust setting for my phone to get a different data usage than a previous plan on another network. 

Hi @Pappaconnie ,


Public Mobile are 30 day plans (not monthly). 

Are you android? If so, try the Data Witness app:


I use it, it is simple and basic, but give you good results I find.


If you are Apple, I am sure they have an app that could track 30 day plans as well.

I seem to think there's something about changing providers and cell phones. Everything wants to all re-sync up and updates and OS etc. This should all happen while on wifi if your practicing safe-data but if you just let everything run through mobile data then...