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Circular password changing - a recent phenomonem since Eversafe MFA was implemented

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


My sister ran into an issue where she tried to set up her new password, and Eversafe would send an MFA text after she changed her passsord. Then it would send her back to the password change screen. She assumed it didn't work, and changed it again. It then sent another text with another code, which she entered, then it sent her back to the password change screen... again! It just keeps doing this... and endless loop.

She subsequently found that her password had been changed. So, even though it kept sending her back to the password change screen, it had, in fact, changed her password.

This is a simple fix. When the MFA code received via text (or email) is entered, you should get a message "Password successfully changed" and NOT be sent back to the password change screen.

Please fix this. I wasted a good hour today trying to help her through this confusing situation. PB and Telus need to do more testing, especialy in the area of user experience.




Mayor / Maire

@mikehalif - that is frustrating. And I recall at least one other member posting about this recently.

NOTE THOUGH, that we are customers and members like you here. A Public Mobile employee will not likely see your post.

For your reference to connect with Public Mobile, you can use the “Get Help” section at the top of the screen above:, and in the “Start your Search here” box type 'customer support agent' to Contact a Customer Support Agent (CSA) with Public Mobile.

Tell them the issue, and if you get an agent that doesn't seem helpful, ask them to be connected to a supervisor.

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@mikehalif   thanks for posting the note.  Best to make PM aware of this.  Please message support directly with your experience:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there
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