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Cannot Receive Calls - New activation

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I just signed up for an account last night. I can make calls, but cannot receive calls or texts. 


Whenever you port a number from another carrier, they send a text that you have to receive on your phone to validate that you are indeed doing this. So if you did not receive it, then I can send you another message with the number to call. You will have to reinitiate the port you have to put back that old sim card in your phone and wait for the text and reply.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes, I ported my number. I'm not sure what text you're referring to. Yes, followed all steps. My husband did it at the same time on his phone. His phone worked after about 30 minutes. It's been 12+ hours for mind and I can only place outgoing calls. I did contact PM and submit a ticket. Just waiting. 

Mayor / Maire

Did you port your number in? If so did you reply yes to te text with the 90 minutes? Did you download the public mobile app and went through the activation steps? 

You can try the sim card in another phone if possible. Restart the phone. If no change you the link to contact PM.

Or the support section of the app to reach them.

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