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Cancel public mobile

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Since September 12, I can only call and text out, I can not receive calls, text messages, or voice messages. I can login to my account, it doesn't send code. Public mobile service agents are aware of problems, but have not fixed it. I told Public mobile service agents to cancel subscription and remove credit card. I provided the information  my name, phone number, email addres. 4 last number of credit card. For 11 days there has been no help.  I have tried everything that has been suggested by various people, but still can not cancel subscription and remove credit card. Everything that has been suggested has been unsuccessful.


Mayor / Maire

hi @Daver667 

if you are not new to PM with porting, try change the network type to 3G only


@Daver667 , did you transfer your number into this service?  It seems to me you have a stuck number transfer which is why you are not receiving calls and text.  

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