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Canada - US Plan March 2024

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It seems I have misunderstood the plan I bought on March 31 2024 for a US trip (labelled Canada-US; 60GB data, unlimited talk and text for $39/mo). From the way the description was written I thought I would have this service in Canada and the US. However, after being across the US border for about an hour and a half I got a robo-text from public mobile saying I needed to buy US roaming! After a day and a half I managed to buy US roaming (3GB data, talk and text for 15 days) and now that I look in my account to buy the next 15 days of roaming, I see that my data usage has been applied against the 60GB of my Canada-US plan, NOT the 3GB US roaming plan. Same with texts, it shows I haven’t used my US roaming plan, and yes, I’ve used texting, so it’s been applied to my “regular”Canada/US plan. So, which is it? Do I have a plan that’s supposed to give me service in both Canada and the US or not? If so, why did I have to buy US roaming for an additional $30?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank You very much!

Mayor / Maire

@MrsK60   You did not need to get the roaming add on, the text is an automatic one to inform you that you have crossed the border and you can ignore it.  You  might want to see if customer service will credit you for it.  Since it's an add on your plan data will be used first.  Submit a ticket with customer service at the chat icon bottom right of this page.

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