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Can't Log-In to Self-Serve

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

- attempted log-in and was told it failed and to try again later.

- attempted multiple password resets, all resulting in same error

- email is correct as it is the same one previously used to login and the one used to reset password in above attempts

- also attempted incognito login, and used chrome as suggested in other posts

-as of present, still no success, continue to be told to try again later (its been two days of this now) and that attempt continues to fail

- have messaged moderators as well with no response.


any help fixing whatever this is would be appreciated. account resets on 6th, and if not fixed by then im not sure ill be comfortable renewing another month (this is only my 3rd month with PM)


Customer Support Agent

Hello kyrikan,


Thank you for contacting us back and providing us with all your informations. I will be happy to help.
I truly apologize for all the issues it has brought to you. 


Please check your private message in a moment we will reply to your message and help you log back in.


Best regards!



I'm sorry for you @kyrikan..but what you have tried was what I would suggested to you will need to wait for the moderator...They will answer...did you wait more than 2 days for an answer???