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CallerID ("CID") UN-Blocking (show) on a per Call basis

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Some subscribers block their own callerID ("CID") for all their calls; however, it is sometimes desirable or necessary to override your block-all and unblock (show) your CID on a per call or per contact basis.  For example, you block all calls, but you want your Mom to see that it is you.


For the following examples the outbound number ("Mom") being called is "416-555-1234".


CASE 1. Per call from the dial pad. Prefix the number as follows.




For this one shot call, the person receiving your call WILL SEE YOUR CID.


CASE 2. Per a stored contact.


In your contacts app, navigate to the desired contact. Enter EDIT mode and move to the telpehone number field. Prefix the stored number as follows.




Save per your contact app's procedures. Now, whenever you dial this number of this specific contact from memory, this contact WILL SEE YOUR CID.



Happy dailing.