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Bonus data

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I got a text yesterday from public mobile saying that they added 30GB of bonus data to my account as a thank you for my continued loyalty. How do I check if this is true? Is this normal?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

exactly. completely useless. And when I switched my plan, they removed the bonus data and saying it only exists if I don't switch my plan. Note this was not previously communicated anywhere in email or text, but apparently a small fine line on their website. Now i got no bonus data and forced to swich in may. what a joke, will be looking for a different carrier shortly. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

PM had added my 30gb bonus data to my account. While I only have 1gb of 3g speed data on my plan I find a bonus 30gb of slow data a useless exchange for my dollar rewards I will lose in May. This bonus will cost PM nothing however taking the rewards away will add millions to their profitability. Additionally PM trying to spin the change as enhancing benefits to the consumer is insulting.

Mayor / Maire

Log in to your account.

Yes, that is a loyalty bonus as we all are going to lose monetary rewards to be replaced with points as of May 2024.

Mayor / Maire


Yes, this is legit because PM is switching all members on the old Legacy Rewards system to the new Points Rewards system.

It will be added to your account by March 30 and you have 150 days to use it up.

Mayor / Maire

hi @NannyMac3 it is true, but this bonus data is about PM moving anyone on the legacy rewards to the new system, Public Points. You will for sure earn less with the new rewards

for the data, you will see it before end of March.  The data bonus will expire in 150 days

Refer to this announcement for the rewards system change

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