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Blackberry Priv

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey Team, does anyone in the community have a Blackberry Priv?

I'm looking for an honest review from the PM community about the Priv. Just so people understand, I current have a Blackberry Classic. I need to keep a blackberry product for my work in the public sector but am allowed to carry my own device. I was thinking of upgrading and was wondering if anyone here is using the device.



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
Yea BlackBerry 10 is great and will have a place in high security applications but it is getting more difficult especially if you like apps and are locked out of sideloading. I don't think you have to worry about BlackBerry not support their android devices. And speculation only makes the situation worse for these Canadian jobs. I love my Priv and think it's just as good as any flagship phone out there.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
With all of this great discussion about blackberry, I wonder if they'll be making hardware 5 years from now. At least the switch to android makes me feel like I'm future proofing if I get the Priv. Right now I'm using the BlackBerry Classic and as with most people am frustrated about the app situation. Once my IT dept got a hold of my BlackBerry I wasn't able to side load anymore ; (

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
Double notifications do come along but so far the ones I have encountered are easily delt with. For example I have had Gmail notifications from the HUB as well as the app, simply turn off notifications from the Gmail app (I think I turned off sync all together on the app and use it only for accessing deep into my account). Twitter was another one but same deal there, just go into twitter and turn off notifications.

That being said the HUB has a few improvements to be made for sure. But, nothing says you have to use it.

Mayor / Maire
Blackberry still makes some of the best hardware out there, even simple (functional) things like antenna and battery are light years better than Apple or Samsung. Priv carries a very steep price tag though and some elements are not fully integrated in Blackberry Hub yet (eg the double notifications which can be annoying).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Wow thanks IWIK. I read your review and thought it was great. I'm sorry I haven't been on the board to thank you the last couple of weeks. Your info is comprehensive and very much appreciated. I'm looking to get the priv in the next few months after I get a new phone credit from work.



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Yea I've been stuck on BlackBerry since the 9360 and being a big 'jobs in Canada guy' I can't quit now haha.


Textra is definitely worth mentioning as it opens as in overlay on top of the HUB if your're using the HUB.


Oh and at the moment BBM doesn't integrate with the contacts app at all, not sure if that will change, or if you're a big BBM'er.


Another kind of cool things is DTEK. not so much that it gives you any kind of power, it doesn't, not until Marshmellow. But it does give you some insight. For example I read people are surprised to learn the Walmart app tracks your location almost constantly, similar story with FaceBook.


Any other Priv questions just ask!

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
PS I was a blackerry guy for years--pearl 8130, curve 8330, bold 9700, 9800 slider, bold 9900, and finally Z10 for about 18 months before finally going Android. Had the Priv been available in December of 2014 when I switched, it probably would have been my first choice.

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Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
Awesome feedback @IWIK! For time shift camera, try MX Camera from the play store, it has a similar feature called live shot. Another great texting app to consider as a Google Messenger replacement is Textra. I started using it recently and paid to unlock the ad free I like it so much. Very customizable and good black themes for your AMOLED display.

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@Duckman Surprised your IT dep't will allow an Android device if they are insisting on Blackberry.


Afraid I've no experience with it but noticed this article:


Have fun with whatever phone you do get.

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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

OHOHOH Pick me!!! hahaha


Yes, the Priv is great. I had the Q10 before so I can give you a pretty good idea of what you're in for.



  • Fantastic physical keyboard, the touch enabled is great for swiping up word suggestions and 'whole word' backspacing. I don't use it all that much for scrolling but that's maybe just how I use the phone.
  • I don't find it especially thick or hard to hold. That being said it is rather large in every other aspect especially coming from a Q10. I have the flip case on it (came with during the Christmas special) and that doesn't help for making one hand operation easy, especially since Android seems to place a lot of controls at the top of the screen.
  • Rear camera is excellent. Quick and good quality. Front camera is meh, because of keeping the sliding screen thin, for me, I've only used the front camera to see how it works so I don't care.
  • Battery life has been excellent for me, few days to settle in but all good from there.


  • The HUB loses a few things but gains some others. I hope/expect a lot of the BBM integration (like group pictures, favorite channels activity feed) to be integrated in the future as BB gets more and more into Android. You do gain things like snooze messages until a time or place or device connection is made, and there is some more filtering and custom filtering options.
  • You loose (hopefully for not too long) BBM video chat and BBM screenshare.
  • I hope and pray that BB makes the HUB an actual SMS client, currently it opens your default. I have found a very good solution with YAATA, certainly better then Messanger but not perfect.
  • You do loose Timeshift on the cameras
  • You do loose music playback control with the volume keys
  • I'm a huge BB10 fan but there are some things that they just didn't have time to work out and I think Android has implimented better. Lock screen music controls, music quiets for notifications, podcasts pause for notifications, stuff like that.
  • Really nice 'Smart Lock' where you can set your phone to lock at a certain interval (even as soon as you press the hardware lock/unlock button - not available on BB10) but if you are at a certain location like home or connected to a certain device it takes 4 hours to lock, I love it at home.
  • The option of no LED notification unless the screen is off. Nice little touches like that.
  • No BBM instant reply but hopefully coming
  • Marshmellow is coming at sometime.


#1 first thing you do when you fire it up is check for updates, OS and apps

#2 go into settings and take voice input off of the physical keyboard 0 button so it acts the way your used to.

#3 I had no luck with the content transfer app for the contacts, it did transfer them but maybe I messed it up. You want to add your contacts to your google contacts because they sync uo beautifully and you edit them on the website and they instantly change on your phone.

#4 Download a file explorer. I use Solid Explorer and the USB OTG addon.

#5 If you want to replace the Google Now app as the middle swipe up gesture, use Now Gesture Tweeks or their Free Version


The 3 functions in the swipe up are nice. I use lock device, camera, and HUB

I've never had an Android device before but it really didn't take long to get used to and I actually really enjoy the occasional widget haha


I'm sure I have other opinions haha but thats all I can think of right now.


PS If you do use Now Gesture Tweeks for the camera set it to app -> BlackBerry camera, not the function camera, as that takes one picture and closes (like an app invoked it)


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
My problem is that I require a blackberry for my job but want the benefits of android. I like the physical keyboard of the classic but hate sacrificing the screen size. Before my IT Dept linked my secure email I was able to sideload apps, now I can only use blackberry and amazon app stores. Not that the side loaded google play apps worked well on the classics screen. 1st world

I totally agree that the price is high. I was shocked when I heard price of the priv when announced.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Hi @Duckman, there are at least a few users with Privs here.


@Solid, @IWIK, @mibs000 all come to mind.  Can any of you weigh in with some impressions for Duckman?  Pretty please?


[Personally I'd love one but can't justify the cost with so many decent mid-range Android devices out there these days]

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