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Blackberry Gives Up on Making Its Own Smartphones

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Good news: BB stock jumped 5%... 

Bad news: R.I.P. BB 10. Just like Nokia and its Symbian... 


@Chaos_Scorpio the fact your link is on Youtube is just hilarious to me Cat LOL

The BB10 client works so much better than Android, despite Google owning both of them


Oh and BB10 is ad-free Youtube without needing to root

Cat Wink

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
Long live BlackBerry.
I'm a huge fan myself. I hope this move leads to a better software experience, although all android from here on, and half decent hardware still. I'm hoping they return to decent profits and possibly make some hardware in the future. Maybe special devices here and there.
Love my Priv though.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

maybe too many cases of it being frozen:



Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Yeah it's really sad to see how far this Canadian tech former-leader has fallen in recent history.  I myself was a BlackBerry die-hard right through till about 1.75 years ago when I finally replaced my Z10 with a Moto X and there was just no looking back.  I'm still sad for the company, but I think it's for the best to put BB10 to rest.  It's an awesome OS with virtually no ecosystem momentum, which effectively means it was DOA, or D just after A.  


The move to abandon their own hardware design does seem like it was inevitable, particuarly given the most recent model (DTEK 50) and only known upcoming model (DTEK 60) are both rebranded Acatel reference models (basically an Idol 4 and Idol 4S, respectively, with BB's Android bits added on top).  Plus, the only part of the company making money was the software and services parts, so.....  

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Player piano rolls.

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I know I am not that old ... (I have to ask ... kiddingRobot LOL):


Whats a blackberry? ... 

I've owned two... lol


is that like a casette tape (or 8-track)? 

More likely it's just a "graceful" exit from the handset business. Depends I suppose whether Blackberry itself continues to market and sell the phone.

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Mayor / Maire

I never figured out why stock market people have been pushing so hard for this over past couple years.

There is no upside to this.

The fact stock went up after just shows how dumb some sheeple really are.


It's not like Android is going to help them (Samsung seems like only one doing well right now).



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