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Black Friday End.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I'd like to request that Public Mobile bring back the $29/10GB 4G Plan for a couple more days, in fact I think we should all 'demand' for this Promotion Plan back given the circumstances.

It was advertised since Friday and not a single person could get it as a New Activation since anyone who tried Activating on it the Payment would say 'Error' and wouldn't let you pay for that Plan..

It was still advertised even though no one could get it, it was being rubbed in our faces - even if we want to pay we can't have it!! 

'New Activations Only, more like No Activations Only.'

It's not fair that we had to miss out on that Deal because Public Mobiles Portal was refusing Payment.. that should have been fixed one day in, but considering it wasn't I'm starting to wonder if it was done on purpose to 'compete' visually on the Website with other Providers, since we wanting to Activate are purposefully prevented from doing so. 

Freedom Mobile still has the $34 for 50GB Unlimited and $29 for 20GB? Why do we have to miss out when it's not our fault.. we should still be entitled to the Plan we we're offered but prevented from getting for the last 5 Days.. other providers are still offering the deals, it doesn't make sense for Public to change them here yet.

I don't know how Public is getting away with this but it's frustrating me considering we saw Dozens of Posts in the Communtiy everyday the last couple days of people who couldn't Activate the $29 Plan because of that Payment Error, and ABSOLUTELY nothing was done to fix it before it was removed!!! It's like someone Is messing with us, how is this even allowed?


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I think complaints should be directed to CCTS rather than CRTC.

Much as I was unhappy with what happened I think it is important to appreciate the timing of what happened since what actually happened weakens your argument.

The $29 plan appeared at approximately 16:22 on Friday afternoon and it was open to anybody, but as we know it was not possible to actually subscribe because of system problems.

I tried to subscribe until sometime after 23:00 and could not. One of the joys of getting older is that you often cannot sleep at night and I managed to subscribe myself and my partner at about 03:30 on Saturday morning.

By Saturday morning the site was at least working, maybe not at normal speed, but definitely working.

At around 11:57 on Saturday morning the plan became new activations only.

At around 16:54 on Tuesday the plan was removed completely.  

All times mentioned above are EST.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Ultimately we should all be complaining to the CRTC. This was clearly false advertising as it seems very unlikely that Black Friday would strain the systems more than something like an iPhone launch day. Telus, who owns Public Mobile has lots of experience dealing with heavy traffic. Given the fact that not only did they take down the plan before their servers went back to normal, but they probably had a ton of people go out and buy SIMs for this to now be stuck with a SIM that they'll have to pay more money to use. They're relying on the sunk cost falacy and it's shady AF.

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