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Autopayment system issues Feb 23 2024

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is there something wrong with the accounting system tonight? My account was put on pause due to lack of funds, so I check the balance online (admittedly I don't sign in very often) and the visa card expired a year ago. 

I attempt to update the visa card information and the site errors out, saying the info can't be changed at this time.  



My cell is not able to make or receive calls in this condition.

I attempt to submit a support request ticket and that site won't let me press the Submit button (the button is greyed out and it's not clear what is missing😞 edit: now the ticket system is down completely.


Is anyone else having account issues tonight?  Of course my visa should have been rejected a year ago.  How can I resume my service in short order?


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Same issue.  Can anyone update their credit cards right now?

Mayor / Maire

Issues updating cc information.  You can try again tomorrow.  If still no luck you can purchase vouchers from local gas stations and load to account to resume services until you are able to update cc info.

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