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90 day plan ?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
  • Any advantages over and above auto renew ?

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Just Saw This in REWARDS Under Preauthorised Payments and Rewards, etc. :


Pre-authorized payments Rewards are earned when you set up automatic payments with a pre-authorized credit or Visa Debit card.


  • 30-day subscription: $2/30 days
  • 90-day subscription: $6/90 days
  • 10-day subscription: not eligible

Note: if you are on a 90-day subscription, your Rewards will be accumulated and applied every 90 days. 10-day subscriptions are not eligible for Rewards.

Refer-a-Friend and earn $1 off every 30 days, or $3 off every 90 days. Your friend will also receive a one-time $10 credit when they activate.

Head over to the Public Mobile Community, and lend a hand. Asking questions, answering questions or just providing your thoughts can earn up to $20 per calendar month.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

the biggest pro for 90 days is that the data doesn't expire month after month like the 30 day plans... Lets say you use 15gigs the first month- the second month you'll have 75gigs left etc.... the 30 day plan will reset you back to 30gigs at the end of the month... the 90 day plan is great for those times that are inconvenient such as moving, power outage, long transit rides, modem acting up etc... this is why the 90 day is a better deal as its kinda like having rollover data from month to month. the only con is if you use all your data in the first month but as for me i only use between 8 and 12gigs per month. i still find the extra data handy for those times in need. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Edit. Replied to wrong person.


Quote I found "I was told by a Public Mobile CSA that the reward payment method for 90-day plans was changed and that they no longer triple the loyalty and refer-a-friend rewards." 



GOOD: you get some extra saving, at least $5 /month

Good or Bad: you get all 3 months of data upfront, so you can spend more data on one or two particular month(s) without worrying using up the data.  But that also means some control and don't use up 90 days of data in one month

Bad: this is pretty much a 90 days contract, you are locked in

Mayor / Maire


Public Mobile gets a guaranteed 90-day payment.

BIG advantage for them...

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

You save some. Money in 90 day plans, and you get 90 days of data all at once to use for the entire period. Depending on your usage, that can give you more flexibility. For example, if you take a vacation in one month and use more data that month, it gets balanced out with the other 2 months, for example, you could use 40 GB in one month in the current 30 GB a month plan if you take it for 90 days.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



Depending on the plan you pay less than the posted 30 day plan.

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