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4g deals

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi everyone,

I received a 4G plan deal by text message but I can not activate it.

it does not show any deals in my account. 
this is the text:

Public Mobile here.
Did you know our new 4G speed plans are up to 30x faster than your current plan? Upgrade to 5GB of 4G speed data for just $40/mo. Get this deal in My Account at Plus save up to $135 on a Certified Pre-Owned phone. Shop now at
If you no longer wish to hear about Public Mobile offers, visit


Mayor / Maire

That is a blanket advertisement sent to all PM accounts. PM is trying to get new interest in the newer 4G plans.

If you're interested in changing your current 3G plan to 4G...log in to your account / Plan & Add-ons / Change My Plan / look to the right and select 4G...then you can scroll down to the 4G offerings. You'll be given the choice to Change plan on renewal date OR Change plan now. I'd suggest you select Change plan on renewal date, if you're going to do the change....



Mayor / Maire


Clear your browser cache and cookies. Close all tabs and reboot your device. Open one tab only preferably Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Use secret/incognito mode to log in and try again. On the plans and add ons page go to change plan. Use the arrows to scroll thru the plans.