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$30 ---unconditional--- 2gb plan. No autopay+bonus data requirement????

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When I go to select a plan it allows me to select a $30 plan with unconditional 2gb of data.






This selection goes against the community announcement / advertisement saying 500mb+1gb+500mb which is not even a plan you can choose.




So, will public mobile honor the plan I select?


This morning I still see the $30 plan broken down into all the seperate components in the Plans List but when going to the “Change Plans” it still comes up as 2Gb Data without a mention of the Autopay bonus.


I just now noticed on the Plans Page that the 1 Gb LTE Data Only Plan isn’t there any more. Anyone know if it has been Deep Sixed as well now? That leaves a nice slot in the Plans Page layout for the $35 3Gb Plan!



@AE_CollectorI am not in Quebec. I am in Ontario.


@AE_Collector wrote:


Are you in Quebec? Quebec had a different version of the old $35 plan which may

Likely just a mistake, similar situations have happened a few times throughout my years at PM with new plans being added where the announcement does not match what is being offered. 

@gpixel wrote:

maybe they are listening to the communities ideas! 👍

Well, they have listened before. Alan K credited me with the suggestion to cut the 1Gb data add-on price in half to $15. But with that in mind, I don't see a $35 3Gb Data Plan option this morning......



IIRC when the plan initially launched on the self serve, I think the details matched the plans page offer. Im pretty sure i saw 500mb + 1gb bonus + 500 auto-pay when I opted to change to this plan. they must of changed it throughout the day. maybe they are listening to the communities ideas! 👍


Are you in Quebec? Quebec had a different version of the old $35 plan which may Still be a different plan technically thus it is able to have different wording. They may just not yet have gone in and cleaned everything up moving everyone and each province back to a standardized description of the plan since the change.


<edit> I am in BC and while yesterday I had the 500Mb plus 500Mb bonus plus 1Gb bonus wording if I went to “Change Plan”. Today I have the same as you have reported above...Unconditional. So they are either still playing with wording OR maybe are going to drop the Autopay requirement? If the wording is an over-simplification that they plan on changing to being the same as other plans they may get into some problems trying to make that change after the fact.




Yeah, there's definitely a mistake along the way.  Right hand and left hand lost a bit of coordination.  The people responsible for programming the self serve didn't get the memo.  I did the upgrade, took a screen cap of the terms as shown in the self serve which I expect to be honored.  

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@RobertQc It dosen't matter. As long as I have 2GB im happy.


Although it is confusing for people without autopay. Im guessing they get 2GB but their just advertising it wrong. If the plan details say 2GB no bonuses then I would go off those details.


I would be kinda happy if they removed autopay data bonuses and included it in the plan. Its much simpler and easier.

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Public has conditions for data bonues but do they always enforce them?


@RobertQc, if that is the plan you choose and it is listed in the plans of course PM will honour it.  I am really not sure about the plan they announced.  I mean the plan they "announced" without any bonus data is 500MB for $30?  really doesn't make any sense.


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Mayor / Maire

As you can see, normally the bonus data is a separate section.