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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Parking fee

@AE_Collector wrote:

Trying to understand this topic. I think I hear two possible benefits to this:


#1-  Storing a number for longer periods of time at a lower cost than the least expensive plan a carrier offers.


#2-  Store the number in order to then get access to all account options with PM including the plan you were currently on but have fully consumed some part of the plan and would like to renew early.


For #2 I fail to see why this is so convoluted. The online "change Plan" function was designed to let customers change their own plan and has options for the change to process at next renewal or right away. Your existing plan doesn't come up on the plan list because when designed it was thought that  no one would want to change plans to their existing plan, that is illogical. But there is logic to it as a way to renew early with "renew right now". All that is needed is for PM to modify the function to add your existing plan to the available list of plans to switch to and it is DONE! Anything to improve convenience to customers AND reduce moderator time to fix things should be high on the list to get done around here!

JMHO.... Terry


When it comes to second option, the plan does show up but when you confirm that you want it now nothing happens your account balance remains same and your dates didn't chance.

There is 3rd benefit and it's for people who are away for extended periods of time, so instead of suspending they could just move to dirt cheap plan, and this way you don't have to worry about 90 days and losing your number. And pm would get couple of bucks too

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Parking fee

Yea speakout would be better if we only needed talk.


PM is somewhat more cost efficient for text and data. Addon is $30 and never expires. Speakout seems to expire in a month if we needed 1gb of data.


So for users that are in the country every 4 months and only stays for less than a week, PM works nicely. Haha... I think my father in law is just such a special case.