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eSIM Compatibility with Public Mobile

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hi Community, 

We're excited about the interest in eSIM and thought it would be helpful to share some easy tips before you begin your new eSIM journey! 

Looking to activate?
Simply download the Public Mobile App to get started. When you purchase your subscription in the app, we actually check your eSIM compatibility for you, ensuring that you get the right SIM for your device.

Checkout our latest eSIM blog post  for more information on the benefits of using eSIM. 

Not sure if your phone is eSIM compatible? 
You can easily use the IMEI checker to confirm if your device is eSIM compatible ahead of time. If you purchase your subscription through our website, the checker will be available within the activation steps. 


If you're unsure how to find your phone’s IMEI visit this help article for instructions. 

Can you find out if your phone us eSIM compatible online?

Absolutely. Most manufacturers have compatible devices noted on their support websites. Third-party sites also offer insight into which devices accept eSIM in Canada. Be sure to check your device’s specific make and model. For example, Canadian models of the Samsung S20 do not support eSIM, while other international models do.

Note: Here’s a list of common device manufacturers, with steps to access your settings to confirm eSIM compatibility. Steps may vary depending on your phone model.   


Samsung Devices:

  1.     Open the “Settings” app.
  2.     Tap “Connections.”
  3.     Select “SIM card manager.”
  4.     Look for the “Add Mobile plan” option. If it’s available, it indicates that your device supports eSIMs.

 IOS Devices

  1.     Open the “Settings” app.
  2.     Tap “Cellular.”
  3.     Select “Add a New Plan.”
  4.     If an option to scan a QR code appears, then your device supports eSIM.

Pixel Devices:

  1.     Open the “Settings” app.
  2.     Tap “Network & Internet.”
  3.     Select the “+” sign next to SIMs.
  4.     Check if the “Connect to Mobile network” page includes a “Download a SIM instead?” option. If it does, then your device is eSIM capable.

We’ve heard your questions about eSIM compatibility, and want you to know that we’re using your feedback to make it easier to access these tools before you activate. 

- Public Mobile Team


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Need help getting payment history

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

eSim is a joke and according to this company my phone was compatible, went through the process and in the end my phone number is lost in cyber space somewhere. I have no access to my calls or texts. I cannot log into the app to solve all of my problems because they have to send a code to authenticate my phone. Oh but guess what, my number doesn’t exist so they can’t send me the code. So they took my money and totally screwed me for conducting my daily business and life. Fantastic company. 

@hairbag1 wrote:


esims are no refund due.


True, but Public mobile will reimburse the cost of the physical SIM card in these cases.  


esims are no refund due.


For those customers who already purchased eSIM and find out that the phone is incompatible:

If your eSIM is not compatible with your device, check here for locations near you to purchase a physical SIM. After you set up your new SIM, you can submit your receipt for a refund by reaching out to PM Customer Support Team.

Amazon website also offers Prime shipping and sometimes sales on SIM cards.  Also, can order directly from Public mobile website, but the shipping times can take up to 10 business days. 

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