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Scheduled Maintenance for EverSafe Login

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hello Community, 

We wanted to give everyone a heads up that due to upcoming enhancement work on EverSafe, you may experience intermittent interruptions during the scheduled maintenance window: 

September 19 12:00 AM - September 19 6:00 AM ET (September 18 10:00 PM - September 19 3:00 AM PT)

Customers may experience interruptions with log in during the maintenance window. The Public Mobile app will also be unavailable.

  • Auto Top-up customers will not be impacted by scheduled maintenance.  
  • IVR will be available for those with an IVR pin - if you have a registered credit card, you can also make a payment through our automated phone service by dialing *611. 

During this period you may experience interruptions when you:  

  • Log into My Account (App or Web) or Community.
  • Submit a ticket to the Customer Support Team through Chatbot or  Community. 
  • If you are trying to activate, we recommend returning after the maintenance window. 

To ensure the best experience while managing your account, please plan to do so before scheduled maintenance or proceed once updates are complete. 

Thank you for your patience. 

        - Public Mobile Team


@maximum_gato you will still be able to see the Community in an unauthenticated state, but not able to login and comment/post etc. 

Mayor / Maire


Oops....duh? I see that now.



@maximum_gato- The community uses eversafe.

Mayor / Maire


How does this affect signing into the community? Seeing as eversafe requires me to enter a code each time I want to actively participate?


I noticed the same

@hTideGnow- Yes you're right I should have tipped the hat to the passing recognition of a different time zone. So it's half right. 10pm PT does not equal 12am ET. It should have been 9pm.
I was not being centric. I was noticing the time that was given. Either don't say another time zone or say them all as you suggest. Just stay focused on ET because this place is from ET.

HI @dust2dust 

the announcement has already  included PT.  There is no modified time, so I think it was included from the beginning

and, you are very Vancouver centric, too, you forgot AT, CT, MT and NFL Time  🙂

Mayor / Maire

@J_PM- What ticket? The ticket system isn't working.

For other people in the west, I'll translate the eastern date and time 🙂 Toronto centric...what are you going to do. 🙂
September 18 9pm - September 19 3am PT.

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