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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

@will13am wrote:

@NDesai wrote:

That's awesome. Hard to believe we now have this when we had nothing about 2 years ago. PM have done a great job to expand and create awareness of this brand. I can only hope for better things to come....

Your dreams of promoting full speed LTE data plans won't be met with this expansion, not unless the competition goes that way. 

Don't worry, we'll get there Smiley Happy

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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

Hi @Sharry19,


We’re making this change in order to give more people the ability to find, buy and activate Public Mobile.

We wanted to ensure that everyone had easy access, not only online but in person at a retail location near them.


That said, our mission has and will always remain the same: to do wireless differently and give Canadians more control on their wireless, through more choice and flexibility while making no compromises on the things that matter most: value and good network experience.

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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

Sounds like a great idea. Some people want to use Public Mobile, but haven't been able to figure it out even with help from the community. 

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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

I'm a new PM customer--still within my first month--but I had been researching options for a while before making the switch. I think the one big advantage of this new kiosk model is increased visibility, Unless you're digging online or really looking for better options, you won't easily find PM. The "big 3," and increasingly Freedom, have most of the spotlight. So I understand the idea to actually try to register in people's consciousness through kiosks. To try to break through the clutter and gain some brand recognition.


However, with that visibility comes more responsibility.


Hopefully the sales staff at the kiosks will be able and willing to guide customers through the hoops to getting setup, and not just sell them a SIM. If they are able to sell the SIM, set it up in your phone, help you create your accounts, choose your plan and ensure you walk away fully activated and working, then that's great. (I did my activation online, so perhaps current in-store activations at retail partners already support this? If so, great.) Otherwise, I think leaving people to go home and set things up on their own could be a big stumbling block for a lot of customers. And the result could be an overwhelming amount of basic customer support questions flooding the online forum, stretching those resources even more.


Now that I'm happily using PM I've considered promoting family members to get on board. My in-laws are a perfect example. They are actively looking to save some money on their cell phone plans. However, I don't feel I can really promote PM to them because it would require a degree of hand-holding and support that I'm not prepared to undertake. I know if they tried to go it alone there would be problems. And I wouldn't feel good about saying to them, oh, go setup an account on the forum and see what others are saying about your issue. And it's not just an age thing. Even my wife, who I ported over recently as well, would not be on PM if it weren't for me. She would not want to mess with SIM cards and APN settings and setting up accounts, etc. I did it all, and she's happy, but she's only a customer because I became my family's PM dealer!


Anyway, for a certain demographic, PM is a perfect fit. For everyone else, there's a lot of expectations and baggage to contend with. I'm looking forward to seeing what this means for PM.

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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

Kudos-2.pngBest wishes

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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

First, don't worry. Even if costs go down, Canadian providers will always make up a reason to increase prices. Second, it is really not LESS for LESS. It's LESS for THE SAME PRICE. Chatr and Lucky are equivalent to Public Mobile. They already have physical locations, they provide phone customer service, and they even have mobile apps.

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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

i agree

if simple problems such as autopay not working can not be resolved

by the kiosks people not computer savvy might bulk at signing up.

I am aware that community support is great but it takes long time to resolve issues.

perhaps money better spend at improving platform so same issues do not recur,

ie autopay not going through 3rd time lucky for me.



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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

IMHO, I think this is a waste of time and money.


You can advertise your brand and let people know that you can activate at Walmart and London Drugs, you don't need a kiosk to do this. I've seen your ads at bus stops...


Secondly, you can bet the farm that people who activated online and failed, will be heading towards the kiosk to get their problems solved, only to find out they don't solve problems. This will add to the frustration and plenty of customer head scratching. You know Mcdonalds "spicy face" look? Well, PM will have the "confused angry face" look.


Basically, my point is, the kiosk is for exposure only because the service is duplicated by Walmart and London Drugs and any other place that can sells the SIM and can activate the plan for you. And what happens if PM rep at the kiosk tries to port a number and it fails? "Sorry, I can't do it here, you'll have to go home and post your problem to the community." What?


Mayor / Maire

Re: Special Announcement Revealed!


As in an exclusive Public kiosk?


Surprised you didn't start selling at Koodo / Telus locations (or maybe that cannibalized their prepaid acts too badly)


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Re: Special Announcement Revealed!

No kiosks in the Toronto area.  I think it would be good to have one in the densest populated area of Canada.  If anyone has been to some of the malls around Toronto you would see a ton of people walking through every minute of the day.


And word of mouth travels fast in densely populated areas.  Wouldn't this be a bigger bang for the buck if you're going to set up a kiosk anywhere?  Or is it because real estate prices are too high there?  Just musing . . .