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Public Mobile Retail Launch: SIM cards now at WOW! Mobile Boutique

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Hey Community,


We have some exciting news for you! 


We’re pleased to announce that our SIM cards will now be available to purchase at WOW! mobile boutique locations across Canada.



Coming Soon: We will have a dedicated category in the Community where you can ask and discuss all things retail. If you visit a Walmart or WOW! mobile boutique location, share your  experience with us.






Will I still be able to purchase a SIM online?

Yes, and you can do so by clicking here

In which WOW! mobile boutique can I find Public Mobile SIM cards?

Public Mobile SIM cards are available at all locations.

Will you also be selling top-up vouchers  at WOW! mobile boutique locations?

Yes! Vouchers can be purchased at all locations.

Will there be other  retail stores selling SIM cards in the near future?

Stay tuned - you’ll be the first to know if there are.

Will there be a WOW! mobile boutique store locator on the Public Mobile website?

Yes, coming soon you’ll be able to find it when you click to order a SIM.

Will I be able to get account support at WOW! mobile boutique stores?

No, all account support is online via our awesome Community.




*Please do not post private info such as: phone number, account number, pin etc.. This is a public forum.

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Thank you for sharing your experience @zhadj030

@zhadj030 wrote:
Went to a wow kiosk, the moment I told him I am wondering about PM , he rolled his eyes and you can tell that "not again" was all over his face (XD)
He explained that the code they use for registration didn't seem to work in the last 2 days and they weren't able to sign in people and they are waiting from PM on their response. I smiled and left . (End of story)
Basically I was mentally preparing him for the future. :).
Poor mods they have to deal with a lot more problems now .

well at least we have more mods to share the workload a busy day makes the time go by faster.  

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I got mine in Centerpoint Mall in Toronto.. 2 days after they received it. It was easy enough. 

Mayor / Maire

Good news but you must absolutely lower the price of the plans!