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New Activation Portal

Hey Community, 


As you may recall, in November 2019, we invited you to help us understand how we could improve the activation experience here at Public Mobile, and we were blown away by your enthusiasm. After months of rigorous design and testing, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Activation Portal! 


What’s new? 


  • Modernized look & feel - We took away the clutter and updated the look and feel of the activation portal to bring it more into the 21st century. We also included graphics to help guide users.
  • Mobile friendly - Say goodbye to pinch and zoom with our more mobile-friendly user interface. We recognize that mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular as shopping tools, so we’ve taken the time to make sure activating from your phone is easy and accessible.
  • Simplification and Intuitive Fields - Simplification was a key theme to improving the activation portal. To save time and help you get connected to our network ASAP, we removed fields that we felt were surplus to requirements. Further, we’ve redesigned certain steps in the process to allow us to get it done right the first time, such as information related to number porting. 


Example: Street address is no longer required to activate. 








  • Improved speed & reliability - We heard loud and clear about how frustrating it is to get timed out during the activation process and having to start all over again. We’ve taken steps to streamline our back-end code and take preventative measures which means that fewer issues will be encountered in the activation process. As well, in the off-chance an error does happen, we’re presenting clearer and actionable messaging to our customers.

Although you might not be using the new activation flow directly, a better activation experience means less repetitive activation questions on the Community and saving time and effort on common issues, which helps keep costs low at Public. It also means less headaches for your friends and family to become Public Mobile customers.

At Public Mobile, we are constantly working towards providing the best experience for our customers and this launch is one of a few more enhancements we will be introducing over the next 18 months, including an improved Self-Serve experience. As with before, the new activation portal can be accessed at  


If you happen to refer a friend, or need to activate a new line, we hope it’ll knock your socks off! Feel free to share any feedback in the thread below.


- The Public Mobile Team


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: New Activation Portal

Good stuff! Especially glad it's mobile-friendly too. Thanks!

Mayor / Maire

Re: New Activation Portal

Hopefully the new activation site will make it easier and error free way for new accounts.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: New Activation Portal

Good to see Public Mobile's constant initiative with working in background and improving the service and keeping the costs low !!! Way to go ahead.


Suggestion for future improvement: Can develop a public mobile community app as it will make more easy and faster (with notifications on cellphone) to answer questions in community and it feels good when you ask a question and people respond instantly.

Mayor / Maire

Re: New Activation Portal

That is a very good and welcoming improvement. 


Well done!!!

Mayor / Maire

Re: New Activation Portal



Well done!! How about showing in your post every screen page? By seeing it all, it will allow a new customer to prepare ahead of time to know what is needed and allow a smoother and faster transaction. 



Mayor / Maire

Re: New Activation Portal

Nice. Trying it out on desktop...

General Step 2: Why talk about payment methods here when step 4 does in more detail including vouchers?

Select a number: last 4 digit search no longer available?

Really like the go back a step button.

Did the referral code used to check for validity? If not, nice add.

The last button appeared active...I didn't click it for obvious reasons. I hadn't checked I read stuff and I hadn't made a payment.


Now off to make self-serve mobile friendly.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: New Activation Portal

>Improved speed & reliability -

I hope this really work this time.  Sooooooooooooooooo many complains about the timeout issue... timeout is ok.. as long as you didn't charge the card and activated the account.   


Many poor new customers already got the CC charged and activated but they still thought it wasn't and keep trying and trying.



Mayor / Maire

Re: New Activation Portal

WoW.. this could be a big improvement! If it does turn out to be a big improvement, please give the programmers a FULL TIME JOB at Public Mobile!


So many annoying glitches that if they could be fixed would save us the Community and you the Moderators so much time not to mention reducing the frustration in particular for brand new Public Mobile customers.




Re: New Activation Portal

I just did a test drive on the desktop and phone.  I like it.  The front end provides good queues on the steps and what to have in hand prior to starting.  Everything is intuitive.  Definitely a step in the right direction.  

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