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Unlimited calls and SMS

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Here is an alternative for users with a plan that includes a very small number of minutes per day: internet telephony. 


Not wanting to pay more to get the few extra minutes I would have wanted, I discovered this app on the Playstore: Textnow.


It's frankly impressive how effective a free app like this can be. Calls are unlimited, I have a phone number that does not change (different from my PM number). All you need is a stable internet connection. 


Hopefully this will help more than one in a similar situation. 🙂


Mayor / Maire


Text now is a very popular app among pm customers. I prefer fongo as texting is less of a concern for me ( fongo charges a fee for outgoing texts)and like the fact that it also works on mobile data (0.5mb=1min). I also contains much fewer ads.

Fongo and Textnow has it pros and cons


Fongo:  less ad,  i think you can keep you number without doing much

            .. not good with voice quality , you have to pay to send text.  Cannot receive much short code text even you are paid subscriber




Textnow:   better call quality and a lot more stable, text free!!, and both US and Canada!!

                 if you are paid subscriber (like $8 /year), you can receive some Short code text.  Not sure if it can receive ALL short code, but it can receive from Google for sure (tried).

                 ad is an issue, if you don't use the number to call out for some time , you might lost the number