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Switzerland considers electric car charging bans during electricity shortages this winter...

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

To avoid blackout, they will ban charging electric cars, no video games, streaming video ...

Which country will be next to ban electricity use?



IIRC, Canada will ban new car powered by gas engine in 2030.  I am hoping that we will have enough electricity to charge the new EVs on the road by 2035.


If you own a condo in 20 years or older building, you should consider selling your condo.

People are not talking about EVs.  The old condo building electrical system cannot handle extra load to charge the EVs.for every condos in the old building.  I predict that there will be cash calls by the condo board of the old condo buildings to install extra power supply cable to meet the demand of EV charging within next 15 years.  No body in their right mind will buy a condo unit without EV charging.  This is the reason why people should plan to sell their condo unit in old condo buildings.


I have nothing against EVs and green energy.  I just ask what happens when this or that happen.  Remember over 20  years ago, people are going to video rental store to rent VHS tapes for weekend entertainment. Who will imagine that we are streaming video on our 50" TVs after over 20 years in the comfort of your own home.




Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

20% new car sold after 2026 should be EV

60% new car sold after 2030 should be EV

100% new car sold after 2035 must be EV

Baskets for the babies on the E-bike, @darlicious    😉


Seriously though, @popping & @softech  - this is going to become a huge conundrum for governments and power providers.


IF this actually takes off, the power system will need huge upgrades just to accommodate the enormous supply requirements.   I doubt many condo buildings will easily be able to retrofit so am guessing the power companies/governments (i.e. you and me) will supply upgrades to capacity to 'fuel' these EV's.


Having driven an EV, they are fun - but it'll be awhile before they're mainstream.

Mayor / Maire

Smart condo owners should be buying e-bikes instead of EV's. My new e-bike costs about $0.10 to fully charge and has a range of up to 140km. I can even charge it with my solar panel! Off the grid !! 🌞🚲😁

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Ah... I remember watching the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flying car when I was a kid.


Before each condo owner can install his/her EV charging outlet, the condo board need to install extra cable to the building to handle the extra load of EV charging.  Condo board can raise the condo fee now for the purpose of upgrading the electrical system over next 10 years or more,   Otherwise, there will be cash calls at a point in the future to raise fund for the upgrade.


Condo owner should attend the annual condo AGM meeting and ask question about the condo reserve fund study whether it includes any electrical system upgrade to support the EV charging in the future.


Buyers of condo in new or old condo building should find out whether the condo board had fund put aside each year for upgrading their electrical system to handle EV charging.


haha.. banning gas engine in 2030, then no more road trip.   


My doubt for all EV is that.. are we ready to confirm all gas staton to power charging station by 2030?


and yes, your point on condos is right, let's not talk about condo building electric system overloaded, is everyone who living in condo has a car, ready to pay money to setup a charging station at the praking spot?


and how many public parking log will be ready to invest to setting up charging station there?  maybe even just 25% of the parking spot offering that?  


I remember in the 80s, people portraited that the world will have flying vehicles everywhere  within 50 years.  LoL


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