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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Plan problems

So I set up a new plan. 30 days. 500mb G3, Unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited nationwide texting. $30.00 Paid my money. Checked my account money came out. Tried to send a text but public mobile says my plan does not include texting and said to go to the website to change plan.  I went to the website and re-entered everything the same. 500mb, unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited nationwide texting $30.00. I hit enter and was told that my new $30.00 plan cost more than my old $30.00 plan and that I need to add money to my account. How do I fix this? Also, I was under the impression that the first six months were $10.00 off because I signed up online. That did not happen either.


Mayor / Maire

Re: Plan problems

@dbholte I see you noticed that the lounge wasn't the best place to post this.  In the future, please try to post just once, in the appropriate place.  FYI the best place would have been the Plans & Add-ons area, but Discussions area is fine too.


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