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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Don't forget that Public Mobile is great for suburbs!!!


Telus seems to be in the habit of deploying cell sites all over the burbs, on every big building, every corner, every intersection. All those green "towers" on the map look very impressive. And their local coverage is quite good, overall.


Until you realize that they aren't big cell towers. Not the large masts packed with antenna arrays, attached to a dirty server shack full of tangled network machinery.

Big towerBig towerBig towerBig towerBig network stuffBig network stuff


They are little cell repeaters. Which don't have a lot of signal range, performance, or bandwidth. They're each roughly the same size (and capability) of the wifi modem/router/gateway box in your home.

Puny "tower"Puny "tower"Puny network thingyPuny network thingy


If you're in the burbs then you might find yourself surrounded by several of these things, just a few houses away from your location. But if you're using them at the same time that your neighbours are demanding connections and data from them then you'll often find your "share" of the limited networking hardware isn't very impressive.


@Angelous wrote:

Don't forget that Public Mobile is great for suburbs!!!

@Angelous   Welcome to PM!!


to be fair, it really depends on the location.  Every provider has stronger coverage in some area but not others.  So, try it out and see if it works well in areas you are there most


I hope you like the service so far  🙂

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Why for suburbs... it's network is better than Rogers for highways too. 

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