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20 GB $30 plan on Koodo.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I may be considering this plan that'll last 2 years. Plus no activation fee, and $100 in store credit. Plus I'll get rollover data! 

It's at Mobile Klink. Mighty tempting! They also have a $45 50 GB plan available.



@LeePublic    Really weird, I could have sworn that the email yesterday listed the price as being $40/50GB plus free phone because I rechecked it twice before posting here yesterday, but reading the email details today, the offer says $45/50GB+phone.  Yeah, it's a great deal but I don't need a new phone and way too much data for my needs.  Plus it's an iPhone and I think I prefer to stick with an android. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Yes, totally free iPhone 11 with $45 50 GB plan @dabr. I don't really need a new phone as I have already upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy A53 this year. Hopefully, I'll keep this phone until the next 2 Black Fridays!

@LeePublic   I've also received an email from Koodo about the 50GB/$40 plan that also mentions a free iphone 11 with tab for 24 months, which I don't quite understand?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Nope, even better.... 24 months. If something comes up that's even better the next 2 BFs. I can switch to another provider. Plus, I even can get the 50 GB plan for $40.

Mayor / Maire

@LeePublic 15 months pricing??


But either way, Telus will thanks you for staying within the family   🙂