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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

No data

Mayor / Maire

Re: No data

@Stansusan72   Did you enable data on your phone?  Do you have the correct APN settings for your phone?


Also try rebooting the phone.


If you have an android phone try these settings:


) Tap: ➡ Settings ➡ More ➡ Access Point Names ➡ New APN Settings
2) Input this info: ➡ Name: Public Mobile ➡ APN: ➡ MMSC proxy: ➡ MMSC: ➡ MMS port: 80 ➡ MCC: 302 ➡ MNC: 220
3) Leave all the other fields blank. Just hit save, and you’re good to go!



Mayor / Maire

Re: No data

Did it work before?

Did you run out?

If you can't see how much data you have left means it was all consumed

You can

1. Buy data add-on

2. Upgrade your plan immediately

3. Ask moderators to renew your plan early

Mayor / Maire

Re: No data

I'm sorry you are experiencing this issue.  Inorder to better help you, we need more info about your issue:

What type of phone are you using?

What version of the OS?

When did you activate your account?

What plan are you on?

Other than data, what works and what doesn't (calls in/out, texts in/out).