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Community Reward


You can earn Rewards based on your participation and contribution on the Public Mobile Community.  What do you need to do?  Helpful things like posting and answering questions, getting Bravos and Accepted Solutions from other members, and posting new content or starting lively discussions.  Basically, you can earn Rewards for being an active member of the Public Mobile online Community.


Who can earn Community Rewards?


Any customer who:

1. Is on a Rewards eligible plan

2. Has an active account in good standing


How much can you earn?


The following chart shows how Community Rewards are allocated among all contributors on the Community:




Here's how it works:


Scenario #1: You are on a 30-day plan and with your great Community contributions over the

past month; you were ranked in the Top 0.5% Contributor Level. That means your $6 Reward

will be applied to your account on your plan renewal date (day 30).


30-day plan

Community Rank

Reward Amount

Reward application

Month 1

Top 0.5%



Total Reward



Applied on plan renewal date (day 30)



Scenario #2: You are on a 90-day plan and with all your help you gave on the Community over the past 3 months; you were ranked in the Top 50% level in the first month, Top 25% level in the second month and Top 0.5% level in the third month. That means you’ll receive a total of $9 ($1 + $2 + $6) in Community Rewards on your plan renewal date (day 90).


90-day plan

Community Rank

Reward Amount

Reward application

Month 1

Top 50%



Month 2

Top 25%



Month 3

Top 0.5%



Total Community Reward



Applied all at once on plan renewal date (day 90)


For full details on all our Rewards, click here.



Last updated on 10/08/2015

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Community Reward

I have a question regarding the community rewards and auto pay rewards!


I am with public mobile since two months and received community as well as auto pay rewards on my account. strangely pm still dedcuted the full monthly amount from my credit card this month rather than having applied the $8 rewards credit i have in my account! Can anyone explain this?


cheers and thx for your help folks!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Community Reward


As of right now that's how the rewards are set up, they are applied as a credit after your bill cycle;
to date I have received the BETA activation twice, and two rewards credits for community contribution.

So my monthly payments have remained the same but I have accumulated $26 in credits, in theory once I accumulate enough credits to compensate the cost of my plan (I'm on the $45 Province Wide Talk + Text with 1GB) I would be able to use them to pay for 1 month of service.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Community Reward

Mayor / Maire

Re: Community Reward

@Mansi_G, When will we see the Comm Rewards? Wonder, Who made it to the A+++ List this Month?


Re: Community Reward

Can anyone explain what exactly Top 50% or 25% mean?

If i get this community reward, can it be used to get discount off rewal price? Or do i hve to keep building it up to total renewal price?

I am not a mod. Do not send me private message with your personal info.

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Mayor / Maire

Re: Community Reward

@NDesai, Top 50% or 25% is for those who contributed and received bravos as well as offering solutions, and the more one contributes, the more one can possibly save


The 25% receive $6 I believe, then the next highest tier receives $4, and so on. This should not always be about saving $$$$$, iT SHOULD MOSTLY BE ABOUT GIVING, HELPING, ASSISTING PPL IN NEED, that's the true reward. $$$, that's not always the right picture

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Community Reward

How do I know my monthly contribution ranking? 


Re: Community Reward


Anyone can obtain information regarding any member's number and type of badges.

All that is required, at least from the mobile version which I always use, is to click a poster's username. That will bring you to the user's profile. Long-press the username, and the full/computer version will partially open. Click the link that states the number of badges that the user has. That will result in a full display of which badges were earned, and when.

No personal identifiers are displayed; the above is therefore not a breach of security.

I hope that this has answered your question.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Community Reward

Thx Martin, but that doesn't give me the ranking info right? Just badges, # of bravos etc...