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Status: Idea completed

As I have been active recently on the Community forums, a common and very frustrating error that is being reported by new customers is that after attempting to pay with their credit card, the system gives and error, leaving them in a limbo.


I would like to suggest that Public mobile dedicate one person in the back office to address this issue until problem is fixed.  


The employee should track all new activations, and as soon as this error occurs, public mobile can message the affected customer to simply acknowledge that they have a temporary technical difficulty which they are working hard to fix and an employee will activate the account and send a welcome message soon (hopefully within hours, depending on the volume).  


This would put the new customer at ease. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@ChrisFern, I hope your issue is Resolved ASAP. This is totally unacceptable.


 Make that 10 people whenever a system change is made.

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Why has my account been charged twice? In a couple of days?

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^You got to be kidding me. PublicMobile Please Prevent issues like these from happening.
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i have registered my sim it errored out it has taken payment off my credit card and i cant log in with my email says it cant varify my email so am i stuck with noting i have sent a email out yesterday i have tryed to call all numbers online i can find so disapointed that there is no help except this message board being part of telus u think when a companty is bought out they would offer support for there service i have no idea what to do any help would be great as of right now im out that money i payed

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Hi @paul,


The Public Lab is not for support questions, please create a topic here:



Status changed to: Idea completed
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Retraité / Retired

Hey @imm1304,


Thanks for your idea! We're happy to announce that this credit card payment issue has since been resolved. Thanks for your contribution to the Public Lab!

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