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Mayor / Maire

Small idea here, not sure if will truly affect anyone. Im thinking if Interac Online could be another form of payment / top up on self-serve. Sometimes there are a few people who want to use one credit card for multiple accounts, but are unaware that some issues arise with using one credit card for numerous accounts (for registration anyway). Some people might not have a credit card, are having credit card issues, or are just unable to find a public mobile voucher and need to top up their account for an add on, before the account is suspended, ect. It could make it more convient for some people, but just adds another form of payment that most people would have

Mayor / Maire

The majority of Interac cards are also VIsa Debit cards.  Visa Debit is already an option.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I really agree with using interac debit for transactions  with Public mobile. Where I live it's difficult to find pm vouchers @ retail and my bank does not offer visa debit cards that Telus accepts.