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OCN (original called number) packet support?

OCN (original called number) packet support?

I'd love to see PM add proper OCN (original called number) packets for call forwarding, so that third party voicemail services (like YouMail) could be used, for Visual Voicemail/forwarding voicemail to email. I checked with the mods, and apparently this is intentionally disabled, so I figured I'd throw it up as a public lab idea.

As a workaround I've just setup a freephoneline account, and I'm using that to forward voicemails to email... But I do prefer Youmail's system of having a visual setup.  I don't prefer it so much that I'm willing to pay for their premium service (which gets you a dedicated voice mailbox number) though. 🙂

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Seems that pretty much every other Canadian carrier allows their users this feature except PM.  That's a real shame.


I think the suggestion that he just pay youmail the $5/m kinda makes @WearySky's point:  if you have to pay $5/m extra because you are a PM customers then that's unfortunate and certainly worth a 'lab idea'.

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@helloPM but why would Public suddenly "work" if paying YouMail $5 per month? This is what I have been missing and OP has not explained.


We know Koodo & Public use the exact same voice mail system

Yet Koodo works in free mode & Public costs money?

What is the difference?


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On YouMails website they say only requirement is if your carrier supports conditional call forwarding (which Public does)

No mention of OCN at all (& I have forwarded my Public cell in past, it will pass through caller ID)

YouMail seems to imply you need to CANCEL voice mail with Public first to use services

See below

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I believe that they require both OCN and CCF.  CCF allows you to forward your unanswered calls to them, and OCN allows them to determine who (what ph#) forwarded the call.  If you don't have OCN then you need the subscription because that gives you a dedicated # to forward to so they don't need the OCN to figure out who you are.


As to why PM doesn't support it when the other carriers do, I can only guess.  They use the same network, of course, so you would expect that they would have the same features.  It is possible that PM is blocking the feature since they are supposed to be the budget brand, but that's just a guess.

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@helloPM has it - you need CCF to set up forwarding to YouMail's voicemail system, and you need OCN for them to know what number they're handling the call for.  With the subscription service you get a dedicated voicemail number so no need for OCN.  


@Jeremy_M said they'll be looking into the feasibility of it once they get some of the other, more pressing issues sorted out... So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  For now, is an ok stopgap.

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Quick tutorial on how to setup a email/visualvoicemail/hack....


Please comment if I leave anything out.  


First off CCF (conditional call forwarding) does work with PM.  OCN (original number called) does not. It is a requirement for YouMail service to work.  The easy way for me to explain this is consider (CCF) the "label" where a address is printed for a parcel shipped.   It has the city name (phone number) which tells us where to send the package but not the (ONC) street address.   So even though your call made it to (the right city) YouMail.  It does not know which house (mailbox) to deliver it to.  



Okay.... Sign up for pick a number mine was in Calgary.  It just needs to be a Canadian number and can be a number outside your calling plan.  Mine works without extra charges.  Go into options and enter your email as the option to forward to.   Change the ring to 0 so it goes strait to email.


Then on your iPhone (not sure on other phones) enter these numbers.  


Replace 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx with you're freephoneline number starting with 1 (area code)(number).  NO DASHES







*61 call forward when unanswered

*62 call forward when unreachable

*67 call forward busy



Now your unanswered calls get received by and the voicemail gets email to you in a audio file just like visual voicemail.   You will need to call your freephoneline number to record your greeting and change administrative options.  


To cancel freephoneline voicemail hack and return to PM voicemail enter this into the iPhone.  






 BTW has anyone tried having freephoneline forward the call to YouMail? Just by chance maybe freephoneline passes on the OCN.  Register the freephoneline number with YouMail? Just a thought.   Okay now I'm getting geeky.  


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