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Make it more obvious that Public is available where I live

Make it more obvious that Public is available where I live

I had no idea that I could subscribe to Public Mobile in BC. On your homepage you might want to have some kind of thing where you put in your area code and then a box comes up and says "You are in our coverage area" Or any kind of thing that affirms that no matter where you are in a built up area of Canada you can get Public Mobile. This was big news to me. 

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Good thinking @bshell


They do mention "Canada's largest 4G LTE network" on the main page twice and a link to the Coverage Map is currently on the next page when you click on "Why Public Mobile?"  


But, as a real customer's feedback, it wouldn't hurt to consider your suggestion as well.  

Public Mobile
Status changed to: Thinking about it

Hey @bshell,


Thanks for your suggestion! I agree that we could do a better job highlighting our coverage on our homepage.  Finding our coverage map is a multi-step process where you need to scroll down to the very bottom of our homepage, go to the 'Our Plans' header and then click on 'Coverage Map'. Too much work. 


The great thing is that, once you get to the map, it is very user friendly . You are able to type in the postal code or the name of the city and it will show you the coverage in that area. In the meantime, if you do notice other members asking about coverage, be sure to send them to the above link. 


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Another thing you could do is offer a truly good deal. Currently, your price is essentially the same as what we pay as loyal long-time customers of Fido. (I started so long ago that it was called Microcell and you could get unlimited Internet for $20/mo.) So there's not quite enough pressure to make the switch to Public.


If you wanted to be true to your name, Public, and offer a true publicly affordable plan, you could offer 1GB/mo data (which truth be told is almost costless to you), unlimited world wide calling (which I have at home via VoIP, so I know it costs virtually nothing to provide) and unlimited world-wide texting (which has always been totally free of cost to providers since day one) and charged, say, $30/mo for this, you would be overwhelmed with customers and have so much cash you would not know what to do with it. Just saying. 


And by the way, all over the world companies are making vast fortunes selling mobile phone plans at this rate, so don't worry, you will be OK financially. Please do it. Thanks for listening.

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