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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Oh boy did you ever pick the wrong time to post in the Public Lab. 😉


My guess is they make decent money off of data add ons which are pretty rich and probably don’t want to eat into that. 


But one can always dream. 

Mayor / Maire

Freedom isn’t a competitor at all.  They have there own LTE spectrum on a Band that no one else can access without purchasing a new phone.


The away zones are costly to use, and the LTE bands that other carriers use do not exist without roaming inside CANADA.


Thirdly, but the data you think you will need, because slowed down data is useless.  Data overages are costly.  PM is the perfect fit for people who know what they need, reliable service, at a reasonable cost (better in some overpriced markets than those with regional carriers), and with PM you get rewards.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
It's not even clear what's being asked for here. Full speed data allotment? That's what's in your plan already, full speed data (except the "3G" data speed plans of course).