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Coverage Map Not Clear when selecting Plans

Coverage Map Not Clear when selecting Plans

PM's coverage map is not available in the top 'Plans' button but rather in the subdued link 'Our Plans - Coverage Map' at the bottom of the webpage.  Plan options are available for calling to the US and Canada but it was not obvious to me at the time of selecting the plan that All plans are only available for use within Canada only (or the area map of coverage only).  I just received and activated the SIM card yesterday and realized a day later during a short day trip to Niagara Falls when the phone stopped working when we crossed over to the US side for a brief excursion.  Since I purchased the 30 day plan with Canada & US unlimited and other options for an upcoming trip to the states your plan will be useless for what I had bought it primairly for.  I would have not subscribed if I had known this and looked for some other service elsewhere.  I request that you make your main webpage more obvious that your plans provide coverage for and services within Canada only when using the tool to select plans and available options for plans on your website.

Mayor / Maire

@denisloo although I agree Public should offer some sort of roaming add on, I am not sure I understand; you activated a plan that said US & Canadian long distance and assumed roaming would be free?


No other carrier in North America does this so I am wondering how the wording (even without the "use in Canada only") made you assume you could roam?


What wording do you feel would help clarify Public's offerings, or what did you think said there was a roaming component?


New in Town / Nouveau en Ville

I am no kind of expert on SIM cards so it was my first time in personally buying one for use.  If I have been the only one to make this assumption about coverage it is because of my ignorance and I have now regretfully learned the hard way.


There was no mention of roaming (availability or lack thereof) on the website and the plans selection webpage and buttons only say 'Canada-Wide and the US' and plan selection can be made without any reference to the actual coverage area (available at the link on the bottom).  Without having seen the coverage map or having been pointed to it, except for possibly the .ca on your website address and the word 'Province' on the webpage, I did not know that this was a Canada-only service and that being in the US would constitute roaming.  Maybe a footnote is needed somewhere to point to the Coverage Map link at the bottom but stating 'Use in Canada Only' on the use and plan selection process would have made it obvious to me.

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