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Bring back the plan from November, 4gb/month/40$

Bring back the plan from November, 4gb/month/40$

Bring back the promotion plan and make it full time, you will drive people from Wind, ChatR, Rogers, Bell to join your company! I am currently on Wind and pay $30/mo for 5 GB internet, unlimited calling/texting (grandfathered plan) But would jump over to PublicMobile in a heart beat if you brought back the promotion you had in November which included province wide calling, 12gb bandwidth, unlimited text for $120/3 months.



"make it full time". No way. There is no carrier that makes promos into full time plans. I think pm offered that as the one time deal.
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plans have to be economically viable to a company, thats like me going to ferrari and telling them to sell them all for toyota prices.

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@CaNuCk07, it is not quite that bad. Don't drink too much carrier coolaid. Data is not so expensive that if every Public Mobile customer were on the $40, 4 gig plan today, Telus would go bankrupt. It is all about making as much profit as possible based on what the market will bear.


My views have always been that it is not my place as a customer to put in labs suggestion on how to run the business. Suggestions like this bin into how to run the business. If others make the suggestion, I will support it 110%.


@purem4g1c, good luck with this one, it will surely go to the not for us bin.  I am sure that market pressures will result in some form of promotion in late fall 2017. 



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The ordering tone is strong on this one. I will agree with will13am here and say that it will go to not for us.

I love your idea don't get me wrong but it is just not realistic at all and not going to happen. 


@will13am Sometimes its much more than making a profit. As we know the current system, issues can happen anytime. What if they were to launch this promo and the system is not capable to handle frequent intakes. This puts everyone in a cage. 

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@purem4g1c I have to ask

Why if you did not port away from Wind back in Nov would the same plan suddenly cause you to port today?

I can't be the only one who finds this odd


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@will13am  obviously i was oversttating it a little bit, but economic viability doesnt just mean going bankrupt, its competeing in a market with other large competitors.  If none of them are offering it, then there must be some breaking point between volume of new users and the price of the plans.

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@NDesai, it is sad to think that the wonky portal is an impediment to further growth and nothing is being done to really fix the problem in a meaningful way.


@CaNuCk07, totally agree, prices reflect competition and what the market will bear. If only Freedom Mobile can be taken seriously by the competition, maybe then there could be some price relief.  Because
Shaw is in the business to make profit, their values are well aligned with the big 3, the  likely outcome is Freedom pricing
rising to match the rest of the competition.
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Hahaha really? It's called a promotion. Sucks you missed out though!


@purem4g1c Mike, this is definitely a popular request, and there's no harm in asking.  Unfortunately, I think that given PM just completed a subsequent promo of the exact same plan but $15 more per 30 days make it unlikely we will see the return of the previous promo pricing level any time soon.  However, I'd love to be wrong.