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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

FYI Regarding Travel to New Zealand

Though this isn't a question for the Community, it might answer some questions that other members had/have.


I thought my travel experience with international phone plans might be helpful for others looking to do so in the future.


I was just in New Zealand for 3 weeks and before I left I made sure that my Public Mobile 30-day plan would end the day I left and bought a travel plan (and SIM card) online through Spark ( ). That way I wouldn't be paying for 2 different phone plans at the same time (while only using one).

Spark is one of New Zealand's phone networks and you can purchase a travel phone plan online, which comes with a free SIM card, which you can pick up at select locations (such as Auckland and Christchurch airports, etc.). It was a very simple process - they have a link where you can check your phones' compatibility, and then you can either purchase the plan ahead of time and pick the SIM card up once you arrive, OR you can purchase a plan/SIM card once you arrive. 

Before leaving New Zealand, I set up my Public Mobile plan again so that I would be good to go once I arrived back home. Everything worked out great. 


Overall, it was a painless experience for me. Smiley Happy

Especially since I had just switched to Public Mobile and wasn't sure how things would work out since it doesn't have Travel Packs outside of the U.S. I was use to purchasing a Travel Pack through my other carriers at home but to do so was never cost effective. If I had stayed with Telus I would have had to pay my normal monthly bill (~ $120, along with the Travel Pack for 1 month to New Zealand which was another $120). This was my breaking point, therefore I switched to Public Mobile and decided that the NZ SIM card was the better way to go. 


Mayor / Maire

Re: FYI Regarding Travel to New Zealand

Thats great thanks for the info, p.s you might want to edit your link its not working it links to


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instead of


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: FYI Regarding Travel to New Zealand

Thank you for catching that. I have updated the link Smiley Happy