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transferring to public mobile

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I have three phone lines that I'd like to potentially transfer over to public mobility. is there a price advantage to bringing them all over at once?


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Futher to the Gmail tip that @ShawnC13 mentioned, I recently saw @NDesai post a link to this page which has more details:

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@ShawnC13That's a great tip. You get the referral bonus for each account as others have mentioned which is a nice bonus also. Also if you sign all 3 up at walmart you can take advantage of that offer also of free sim and $20 credit also.

@smp99 wrote:

To add what has been mentioned, you will also need a unique email for each account. So plan ahead.



@jmg135, with the unique email a great way around that is Gmail alias, email+, and and all email will get sent to original


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To add what has been mentioned, you will also need a unique email for each account. So plan ahead.



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@will13am summed it up perfect.


Also note that you will have to create three accounts (1 account per phone line), as opposed to having three phone lines under one account like you probably have now.


@jmg135, there are no volume discounts for having multiple accounts.  Having said that, the timing for bringing accounts over should be informed by ongoing promotions.  If a current offering meets the needs of more than one account, it would be a great time to bring those over during the promotion period.  Right now there is a $20 credit + free SIM card for activating a talk and text plan at Walmart.  The $40 for 4 GB, Canada wide talk, international text is also an ongoing promotion.


Regardless of timing on bringing multiple accounts over, referral rewards are available to reduce costs.  You can use one account to refer another.  The referring account gets $1 per 30 day credit while the referred account gets a one time $10 credit.

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