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not receiving bank or other 2 factor verification codes

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I joined public mobile on October 19th by transferring my number from Rogers.  Up to the 19th I was able to receive 2 factor verifications from my bank and other places but that stopped after joining PM.  I read that I need to make sure I am on 3G.  I set that up and tried it but still I didn't get a text.  I have both data on WIFI on for getting messages.  I am using Moto G7 Plus.  My area code starts with 778 so it has been there a while.  I do receive other SMS/MMS without any issues.  I haven't re-registered the numbers with the bank or other places.  Is that something I need to do?






Texts work on either the 3G or 4G LTE network. Set your phone back to the autoconnect setting. Setting your phone to 3G only is a troubleshooting tip for certain calling issues only as pm uses the 3G network for voice calls.


Try texting HELP or SUBSCRIBE to the short code you are trying to get messages from. If you get a reply back then test to see if you can now get the short codes you are seeking.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Another possibility is your number still didn't port in correctly to Public Mobile.  Normally the porting is a 2 step process.  First process is the easy one which outgoing calls and texts are using your new PM phone number while incoming calls and texts are still going in through your old provider.


The 2nd process step is when the incoming texts and calls are actually coming in through your PM sim card.  This may not of happened yet it may seem on your case.    When you did transfer request, did you receive a text from your old provider to confirm transfer authorization?  There should of been a reply back YES you had to follow up on usually.  And then after that, they will release the phone number fully to PM.


When you receive calls, are they coming in through your new PM sim card?   Where is your old SIM card? is it on another phone or another SIM slot on your current phone?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The number should be ported properly as I do get two factor message from Microsoft and Paypal.  It is just CIBC CIBC wood gundy that seem to have issues with.  I tried putting my google number for CIBC but it sends a text to my old number, which I can't get messages from.  Now it tells me it tried sending messages too many times.  


I did get a message from Rogers but didn't asm me say to yes.  It could have been that I transfered from a company account and my admin got to say yes.  The roger's taxt I got was  we've received approval to transfer your wireless number.... 



It is interesting that only your bank has issues 2 factor verification code.


As mentioned before, you may need to seek technical help from Public mobile.  Submit a ticket for CSA help,


Since your original account was a corporate one, not sure whether that made a difference.  In the past, customers needed to switch the corporate account to a regular one before porting over.  


Did a quick search online and other customers from different mobile companies had similar issues when porting to another company.  Usually, with more time, the 2 factor verification starting working.  


Keep us updated on what's happening and the fix. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I reached out to CSA, they did a reset of the line.  I tried again but it didn't work. They told me to delete the old text messages too and that also didn't work.  Someone suggested for me to send HELP to the short code.  I sent one to 242227. I didn't get a response.  I sent one to 242222 which I found on the internet that corresponds to CIBC.  I got a message back from them.  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Not sure what it was but this morning but I started getting 2fa working for my accounts. I am hoping the line reset from last night did the job. What I also tried with the bank was register my device to get the 2fa. Removed it this morning to set up my number and I got the notification.  For wood gundy, I just tried again and it worked.  

Thank you everyone for their support and suggestions. 



I'm happy to see that at least with one short code my suggestion worked. HELP, SUBSCRIBE and even YES will usually work to get short codes to start coming to your phone. The investment ones can be very may have just finally passed their time threshhold for holding back on 2FA codes for the prevention of fraud purposes.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


Thank you I texted HELP to the ubereats short code and I started getting the texts again! I just randomly got the answer to problem I have had for the last month!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I had similar issues when I ported my number to PM. I was receiving verification codes from some agencies but not from others. I tried everything listed on different community posts but nothing worked. I contacted the PM moderator and they suggested to do different things with phone and even checked the porting status at their end and still nothing helped. So I decided to wait and kept checking everyday if the verification codes would start coming. It actually happened on day 6 for me when I started receiving codes from the agencies having issues with codes earlier. So, I guess it takes time for verification codes to find their way to your new service provider and phone number.