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my calls are dropping.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My calls are dropping.  I'm a different locations at different times.  I am in my home city.

Other people have reported my calls opping and they are with other carriers.

  This started happening a few months ago.




As for the call dropping issue, several customers have experience this problem.  It might be a Telus network issue since Koodo customers also are complaining online.  

You can try the following fixes:

Manually select the phone network to 4G/LTE instead of Auto.  

Not sure if an iPhone issues, another online user suggested the following:

From a different forum (reddit, RFD), one customer had the following fix:

For iPhone:
settings>>>cellular>>>Primary>>>network selection>>> turn off automatic network selection and reboot

If that does not work, you may want to submit at ticket for CSA help.  Sometimes CSA can refresh your account on the backend and calling works better. 

Mayor / Maire

Check the Telus is work on their towers in your area. 

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