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change Sim card Error

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently changed a new sim card through my account. It looks straight forward, but after I updated my new SIM card at system, and it showed successful message. Sim card is not activated and show "SOS" on my iPhone. 


Mayor / Maire

@juliezzz - if you have your account listed in lost/stolen status ensure to resume/reactivate the account prior to performing the SIM SWAP on your My Account.


See "How To Change Your SIM Card" in this Help Article:


If issues with your My Account, click here to request a SIM Swap with the Public Mobile Customer Support Agents (CSA): Submit ticket for a SIM SWAP


Mayor / Maire

@juliezzz did you request Change sim card by logging in My Account on the phone? there is a glitch with the mobile site of My Account, please login My Account again on a desktop or laptop computer and go through the  Change sim card request again


@juliezzz , SIM swap must be done on a desktop or laptop computer.  It is always good practice to do this using incognito mode on the browser.  Since your SIM does not seem to have been swapped in, please try again using the suggestions.