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I want to know if I can use one account for 3 sim card and plan? I bought one sim card and activated. I am planning to buy 2 more and activate under the same account. Does it work and do I get reward if I use my referal from the first sim card. Thanks


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@Korth wrote:

Accounts and SIM cards are each linked, can't have two accounts on one SIM card


 As  far as I know there is no way to have two accounts on one Sim card, however it's possible to have two to three active numbers on one Sim card. Rogers use to offer two numbers on a Sim card around the year 2008/2009. Not sure if they still do. It wasn't very popular as not very many people knew about it.



Accounts and SIM cards are each linked, can't have two accounts on one SIM card, can't have two SIM cards on one account.


Maybe other carriers offer ways to do these things, basically merge stuff together on the customer's bill. Public Mobile does not. Koodo Mobile does not. Telus Mobility might (for expensive corporate accounts).

Yes and there seems to be a system error tonight so check into the community tomorrow before you start the activation process so you don't get stuck with weird 1969 renewal plan date thingy.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



Thanks for your reply, It is lucky to read it before activation. I will do it tomorrow to take advantage of flash sale. 

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You have to open /Activate a new account using a different email address for each account and SIM card using the first accounts referral code for the next and so on....stacked with flash sale you're a lucky duck.

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