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Why do new customers get promotional prices like $45 for 20gigs

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Mayor / Maire



everyone gets it, new customer and existing, they all have access to hte new $45-20GB plan

Check your My Account, Plan & add-on page, then click Change My Plan, the $45 plan is listed under the 4G Plan setiion.


Mayor / Maire



That plan selection is available for everyone.


Log into your self-serve page and go under your plan and add-ons section. Select the 4G plans then scroll through and you will see it should be available for you as well.


It is for me, and I am not a new customer.




Mayor / Maire


Just to attract new customers to PM but there are promo offered to existing customers once in a while so keep your eyes on the Announcement section on this Community.


Normally offered around holidays. Here is one on Boxing Day last year.