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Transferred number and need to cancel - can't log in

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I tried logging in. No luck. I tried resetting password, no luck. Getting quite frustrated.


Basically - I transferred my number to Koodo. I need to make sure my public mobile account is closed or payment option removed so I don't get charged for services with public that I'm not using.


I was able to log in prior to transfer of number but not after. Not sure if maybe that is because my account is automatically closed after I transferred number?


I just need to make sure I don't have a payment come out for my public mobile plan. I can't even login to get my account number. And can't *611 because I'm no longer on public's lines. 


Please help me


Mayor / Maire


Once you port out to Koodo, your account will be closed, SIM rendered useless and your CC information will be deleted but I hope you ported out a day before your renewal date so there is no charge for the next month.

If you ported out a day after renewal then you will be charge for the next month.

Mayor / Maire


Porting out of Public Mobile number to another provider automatically closes your Public Mobile account, and access to My Account.


Mayor / Maire


that's good news means your PM account is closed. You shouldn't be charged anything now.

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