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SIM Card Delivery - Impressive!!

Mayor / Maire

On Wednesday Sept 21 2022 I ordered 2 PM SIM cards. 

Today Monday, Sept 26 2022 they arrived. 

They were shipped from Archway, 21 Aero DR NE, Calgary AB. 

A weekend was involved so likely would have been much faster if I had ordered on a Monday. 

That is a fantastic delivery time, in my opinion. 😃

Well done PM. 


Just to add. So all those other complaints about community members that had joined the 'day of' their complaint.....I think they are bogus and intentionally tried to defame PM. 


Mayor / Maire

Just to clarify. I agree all posts about SIM delivery  are not bogus. Nor have I intentionally or unintentionally suggested that any one is lying as I have absolutely no proof of that. 


There are numerous reasons for delay that are controllable and uncontrollable by both the buyer and seller. And depending on the immediate on not immediate need for a SIM can understandably cause anxiety. 


My point was that my experiences of delivery, were good. But at the time there were numerous new members that only made one post (and then dropped off the map) about how bad the delivery time of a SIM was. 




Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Now why would anyone try to defame PM?  I hope that you realize that you are unintentionally assuming that persons that  have complained about delayed deliveries are lying ------- *

Mayor / Maire

@CountyDownIeUk - I'm not sure if all the posts about not receiving sims are bogus.

I had one 10 business day delivery...this just came regular Canada Post letter mail. This was not recently or anything. But I do think sending anything Canada Post to many areas across our large Country of ours things could take some time..or get lost...or delayed in actually someone physically picking that SIM card order and putting it in an envelope to drop at a mailbox.

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