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Problem after problem

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Given bad link to contact support. Can't complete registration and can't reach anyone to help. Says login to open ticket then nothing happens but a blank screen. How does a company expect new customers when people can't join?


Mayor / Maire

Hey @CJ101 

I feel you man. Public Mobile doesn't make it easy to sign up with them and have a ton of problems. As long as they meet their obligation to the CRTC, they don't really care.

To sign up, best to use the Public Mobile app. The CS Agent link is in @JRod message below. 

Trust me though, once you sign up and are good to go, it's worth it.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Sorry to hear you are having troubles with your signup. Are you using the app to sign up or desktop? I’d highly recommend doing the signup 100% through the app. 

If this is still an issue there is a live chat specifically for new customers to assist with activation:

Otherwise you can message customer support through the community mailbox.

Please click this link below to message customer service with the community mailbox :

Keep an eye on your mailbox here as that is where your reply will come in (envelope icon on desktop, click your avatar icon in the corner and then click messages if on mobile).

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