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Port incomplete - call straight to voicemail

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I ported from Fido to Public. I received the SMS message, but I think I responded YES just after 90 minutes. I have data, and can make outbound calls, but I cant receive any calls. It goes straight to my Fido voicemail


I think I need to retry the port, but I don't know how


Mayor / Maire


Lol....Mr Entwistle resides in Vancouver atop of the Telus Gardens tower where he rules his feifdom.

@darlicious   but PM office is downtown Toronto at York street , still a Telus tower  🙂

Mayor / Maire


Telus head office is here and the highest concentration of their customer base is here so they don't force all eastern business hours on the west.

@darlicious   i thought it only open till 10PM EST... 

Mayor / Maire

@KatK @agpulic88 

Both of you call the number @softech sent you ASAP as I believe the last time I needed them they were open til 8pm pacific (11pm eastern). I could be wrong but it can't hurt.....have your old account # ready.

@KatK   Yes, I will message you  the number, check your Community inbox


on the other hand, did you got a text from your old provider and did you reply YES?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can you send me the phone number for customer live support as well.

I cannot receive calls either as I just oirted my number. Thank you.

Mayor / Maire


It normally takes about 90 minutes to complete the porting so your Fido SIM should still work until porting is completed if you replied YES within the 90 minute minutes window.

Meanwhile, reboot your phone to see if that works by powering off the phone.

If that didn’t work, you need to contact a CS_Agent to confirm complete the porting for you.

They will be available from 6:00am to 10:00pm EST.



@agpulic88 there has been lots of porting problem today, possibly due to the high number of portings going on this weekend.


There is a number to call for status update, you can talk to live support.  But it is closed now, call tomorrow morning.  I will message you the number, please check your Community inbox

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