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Phones locked to Telus WILL work with PM?

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Just wanted clarification, thanks.

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Mine works.. I wouldn't waste my time or money unlocking it

You're very welcome, @ckl!

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@7789849803 Ok. I see. Thanks for the clarification.

@ckl I think you may have misunderstood the original post on that thread. The OP clearly states "I bought my current Samsung Ace 2 smart cellphone from PublicMobile". Their phone is not locked to Telus. Even it were, APN settings would not usually be disabled. Or atleast I've never heard of a Telus-locked phone that the APNs could not be edited on.

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Just wanted to throw this out there but wasn't there a thread recently about a person with a Telus locked phone unable to change the Telus APN to a PM APN? If that's the case, the phone will need to be unlocked first?


Here's the thread:


Hi @makkahn28,

A clarification is in order.

You stated, "... as well as supporting any of Telus's Frequency bands in order to fully function."

The word "any" should be replaced by "all".


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@makkahn28 FYI it's not just that PM uses the same frequencies as Telus, it's because PM is owned by Telus and operated on the Telus network.  But yes, as everyone has indciated @Janterry, it's confirmed.  🙂

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Because Public Mobile utilizes Telus's HSPA+4G, supporting it's 3G WCDMA (The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Minimum for Service of talk + Txt:  850/1900 MHZ ( Not certain what band exactly, my apologies) + the LTE AWS 1700/2100 MHZ  + the newer 700 MHZ LTE Advanced, and Owned and operated as a autonomous subsidiary of Telus Group, PM as well as Koodo can bring devices, regardlessly tied up to Telus or Koodo, shall function without need to unlock.

HOWEVER, if handset was from Bell/VM, Rogers/Chatr/Fido/Mobilicity, Wind, THEN it MUST be unlocked as well as supporting any of Telus's Frequency bands in order to fully function.

ONLY side-note: APN (Access Point Name) for access to data and MMS Picture messaging services, must be manually edited in order to function

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Telus and Koodo phones that use a sim card will work with Public Mobile.

Yes, it will...


...oh wait, I already went. Sorry Smiley Tongue

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Yes! It will definitely work with PM

As said above, it will work with PM.

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Yes, absolutely.


Yes; Koodo as well. UNLESS they are really old phones that support only the 2G network.

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