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I need to update my credit card


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Good point on the AutoPay, perhaps something the CS Agents might help with.  I've also replaced my credit card, and dare I say- I haven't had an issue with AutoPay either, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen to too many people.  😞  Good insight!!


I have never had an issue "replacing" a credit card except with experimentation which is how I discovered you can only attempt it twice before waiting out an hour to try again. If you do remove the existing card and have trouble adding a new one because of a browser issue for example then autopay is not enabled if for whatever reason and you have to pay by voucher. You then lose the $2 autopay reward. Just my opinion of each their own.

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Welcome to the Public Mobile Community!  🙂


To update your credit card, log into My Account at the top, then click the Payments tab where you can "Manage my card."  Some have had better luck removing + readding it because AutoPay is known to be glitchy sometimes.


After you add your new credit card, I'd recommend doing a $1 manual top-up as well to make sure it connects and gets payment properly (related to that AutoPay glitch!).


Hopefully that gets everything going for you, but feel free to let us know if there's anything else!  

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@paulhendrie wrote:

I need to update my credit card


Log in to your account > Payment tab:



Click on Manage my card to replace infos.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I need to update my credit card

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you can Remove your credit card and Logout and

i suggest you close all Browser and do clear cache and cookies for any Browser,

and try open one Browser incognito mode,

or try it for a different Browser and open incognito mode,

how to open Browser incognito mode visit Here link,

how to clear cache and cookies and History visit Here link,

and use a Browser from your computer,is better

use Browser microsoft edge or chrome latest version
and just make sure your Browser is up to date update
sometime is the Browser is not update is give a issue.

how to update your Browser visit Here link, 

and Restart your computer, is will help a lot,


and if you use a home internet take your power internet off for about

a 1 minute and put it back on,to refreshing your network,


and log in and re entered your credit details,


just make sure your credit card number and your address match the same,

sometime your typing but is a one word or letter or number is a wrong or is missing just make sure for it.


How To Update or Remove Your Payment

Follow these steps:

1. sign in to Self-Serve.  Once signed in,

2. click on the ‘Payment’ tab,

then scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Manage my card’.

you will have the option to either select ‘Replace this card’, or ‘Remove this card’.

You will need to review and confirm this change to your account,