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Network locked SIM card

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I moved my active SIM card from old Samsung into another unlocked Samsung. It says I need 'SIM network unlock PIN' ..... HOW DO I GET THAT?  Chat bot is not helpful! Meanwhile I have no phone /text , in a bad situation.



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had this exact same error when I signed up on Friday. I have a Samsung from 2017. I chatted in for help. They gave me the Samsung number to call (1-800-726-7864 ). I called and gave them my IMEI. They gave me 2 codes to enter to unlock the phone from the carrier. Then the Activated Public Mobile SIM card worked. Like magic!!

Mayor / Maire

@Nat7 hi for a samsung you can get a master unlock code by contacting them directly online help desk  or call thier number which you can find online also 

Mayor / Maire

@Nat7   there are different type of PUK, but with "Sim network unlock PIN", it is an issue with a locked phone.  



If the message is "SIM network unlock PIN"

You have to ask the carrier where you got the phone from for the carrier unlock code. (PM would not be able to help with this) 


Mayor / Maire

@Nat7   Are you sure the other phone is unlocked as it sounds like it might be locked so you might need to phone Samsung's customer support to get the unlock code.